Personal recovery from mental distress, unemployment or divorce

1 Dec

We launched the report Recovery Begins with Hope’ yesterday in NESTA – inspite of the snow 60 people turned up. Helen Hutchins a nurse and someone who has psychotic episodes told her story. She started ‘Tea and Talk’ because it is only when people talk that each appreciates the other more. Recovery is a mutual process than an energise staff as much as patients. Geoff Shephered outlined how a Task Force is now helping other Mental Health Bodies incorporate ‘recovery principles’ into their core services.

Bob Grove, chief executive of the centre for mental health said it was difficult to integrate recovery principles fully in prisons, because prisoners are not free to choice a new direction – however, recovery is being used as way of introducing hope in prisons as later NEWSNIGHT revealed that day.

My interest in the recovery approach is that it can lift people’s lives becasue in encourages both staff and service user to imagine and determine self-respect and better relationships and well as provide the essential but more mundane things like housing, training and jobs.

This approach is transferable to many personal services- the trouble is the term recovery works in terms of the economy but personal recovery as yet to take off as an innovation, akin to co-production.


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