Are we serious about socialising business?

25 Apr

There is a good post today on the Guardian Leaders’ Network on gulf between the government’s rhetoric about the John Lewis model and Mutuals – few public servants are coming forward to take over services and those that start the process are withdrawing when they discover its difficult, hard work and investment is hard to find.

Transforming public services:is the feeling mutual?

Anyone who has been involved in setting social enterprises knows that it isn’t easy. Policymakers from all Parties tend to gloss over the complexity of implementation, the fact that demands champions, perseverance and the ability to persuade others to get involved, invest and work collaboratively.   Women are good at the latter but often lack the contacts and experience in raising finance.

Where is the finance?

On an other track-

Innovation prizes are speeding ideas and innovation both locally and internationally – A friend Helen Storey, a real innovator has been nominated for her and Tony Ryan’s  Catalytic Clothing by the Conde Nast Innovation and Design Awards. Catalytic Clothing has sprung from a project on sustainable fabrics and the fashion industry which Helen used to be part of. You can vote for her on


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